Friday, 30 November 2012

Week 9 - It's all coming together nicely!

The northern lights are nearly complete!  I wowed everyone on my course this week by pulling my painting together with the trees in the foreground and the detail in the snow.  I have even amazed myself!  I did the usual trick of sitting too closely to the painting, thinking i was making a mess but was pleasantly surprised when i saw it on the shelf at the end of the class!  It has a lovely glow about it which is what i wanted to achieve and hopefully after next weeks class it will have even more highlights of colour to it and some lovely glowing stars too.  I also learned that the technique i have been using to soften the colours and outlines of my painting by covering the areas with a semiopaque colour with my rag is called scumbling!  I think that might be my new favourite word, it makes me smile!

A lovely snowy image just in time for Christmas!

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