Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wax Attack!

I have had soooo much fun this afternoon trying out this new craze of melting wax crayons to create art!  I kept my step son totally in the dark about what i was doing and it was worth it just to see the surprise and excitement as the wax started to melt!  He instantly wanted to do one of his own, so i gave him a mini canvas to work on and he loved it!  Just look at our wonderful creations below!

This my canvas.  I arranged the colours in a rainbow taking out the blacks and greys and glued them on with my glue gun.  It took 3 packs of 24 crayons to fit along the 20" width of my canvas (I had to dip into a 4th pack to add a few of the colours i liked best!).
I stood my canvas up and put lots of card on the floor to protect it as the wax flies quite a distance once you get going! Once you apply the heat of the hair drier the wax begins to melt and drip down the canvas.

My finished piece of Crayola art!  I love it!  I love the little splash marks amongst all the drips!  The great thing about this is, although lots of people are doing it, every one of them is unique!

This is my step son starting his masterpiece!  Luckily the colours i left out of my canvas are his favourites so he has used the browns and blacks here!

The finished piece!  He is so pleased and proud of it so it is going to take pride and place on his bedroom wall!

Both canvases together!  Just look how different they are!  Brilliant, have a go!


  1. Fab!! I've just pinned this... I hope that's ok?

    1. Of course it is! Glad you like it! I've got loads of ideas for this now! Crayola won't be going out of business that's for sure!