Friday, 9 November 2012

Week 6! Llandudno is complete!!

Well it's taken 6 weeks (a record long time for me) but the moment is finally here when i can reveal to you the finished painting "Llandudno"!  This week i decided that the hills furthest away needed knocking back and that the sea was too rough!  So using the wash techniques i learnt on the course, i set to work and finished it.  The great thing about oils is that if you put a thin wash over the top of already dried paint you can reveal what is underneath with out destroying it!  You can get lovely transparencies.  I am so proud of my first ever oil painting!  See what you think!

A nice calm sea with a bit of the old paint showing through underneath to give the water movement.
Soft brush strokes give soft focus while harsher brush strokes add detail.

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