Saturday, 9 February 2013

It's all about Art!!

Today it has all been about art for me!!  I have had such an inspiring, wonderful day at the SAA's event at Event City in Manchester.  I just thought i'd pop in to see what it was all about and ended up spending 7 hours on non stop art madness!  There was of course the usual tempting art supply shop there (which did suck me in!) but there were also some amazing artist's there.  Some giving demonstrations to a watching audience and others ran workshops!  So i was in my element drifting from one workshop to another, each allocating 45 minutes per session.  Here are the results of my arty day!
I am so proud of this pastel drawing!  I learned a lot from Artist "Jeremy Ford" about pastels and am inspired to now do more!  I even bought some of his special pastel paper so i have no excuse now!

Watercolours have always scared me a bit as they can be a bit uncontrollable, but "Matthew Palmers" workshop showed me how to create this lovely painting.  He even commented afterwards how well i'd done! 

I just had to go to to "David Hyde's" workshop to try out water-mixable oils!  I must admit i like them a lot!  They have the fluidity of oil paint but without the hassle of using spirits.  They are across between acrylics and oils to me which is good as i love both media.  I just love the sky and David even commented about it too so i'm really pleased!
This workshop caught my eye as it mixes two things which i tend avoid!  Watercolour and figures!   I think i have done well with this thanks to artist "Marilyn Allis".

Back to my old favourite acrylics, in Haidee-Jo Summers workshop!  This ones a bit of a rough painting as it was all very rushed!

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