Friday, 25 January 2013

It's Here!!

It's here!  My beautiful Anglepoise lamp has made it through the snow to my little studio!  It's a beauty! So well designed and made, I'm so chuffed with it!  Now for some arts and crafts now that i have light!

I love the design of the packaging as well as the lamp!       The lamp is a lovely silver colour, it looks darker on the pic!

Show Stopper!

My painting is coming together nicely now that i've got the reflections of the trees in!  This week i have brightened some of the colours and also darkened the bottom half of the picture, to enable to sky to stand out more.  I painted the reflections in roughly and then, using a fan brush, softened them so that they sit right back and appear watery and blurred.  Next week i am going to add more shape to the reflections and then hopefully i will be revealing to you the final image.  This painting is getting a lot of attention amongst my art colleagues, i think it's turning out to be a little gem in my collection!

The painting is more balanced now that the reflections are in.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Orchid now on sale!

My Orchid painting is now up for sale via my website
For details of all my paintings as well as contact information please visit my web site.
For sizes and price please go to my "flowers, landscapes & seascapes" page of my web site and "contact me and commissions" page for contact and delivery details.
View of the painting on the wall and close up details of the artwork.  Please note that all my canvases are delivered ready to hang.

Friday, 18 January 2013

The Drama Returns!

I was so glad to get back to art class this week, i had really missed it!  It was good to see some old friends as well as new, and to get back to my dramatic landscape painting.  I have had a lot of lovely comments about this painting even though it's not finished so i was eager to get on with it!  The row of trees were roughly painted in before Christmas so this week i concentrated on painting the negative space around them in order to refine the branches.  I have also intensified the colour for added drama.

The drama unfolds 
This detail shows how rather than painting the branches in with a fine brush, painting the negative space around them is just as effective and also adds more life to the painting.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Spots and Stripes

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm looking forward to the new year, creating lots of new designs, and fabulous artwork!  My art course starts again on 17th January so i can't wait for that!  Until then here are my five design entries to the Tigerprint Competition - spots and stripes.  The brief is to re-invent the ordinary spots and stripes patterns in order to come up with something new and fresh.